Books by me coming soon to an eReader near you!

Here are a few projects in progress.

Forbidden Magic Trilogy

Cass was leading a normal life, living with her aunt, attending Gnosis University, and pursuing research in magic sciences. That changes a week before her twentieth birthday, when she gets a birthday gift from her parents. Only they’ve been dead for years now.

While Cass pursues the real meaning behind the gift, she not only will need to come to terms with the legacy she has inherited, but understand how the world she knows is connected to the realms no one else knows. Well, except Alec, the new transfer student who not only transferred to her school, but to her realm from another.

With the Magic Sciences Directorate after them, Cass will need to make hard choices. Will she choose as those before her have chosen? Or will she break the cycle a lead the realms to a new fate?

Magic Reborn Trilogy

Scarlet already did her hero bit. She defied prophecy and became the ultimate source of magic, the one dragon god, well, dragon goddess. Thousands of years have passed since a scared girl took her future in her own hands and became the pillar of magic for the world. One thing hasn’t changed though, she was still cleaning up someone else’s mess.

The seal of the realms has been broken. While most are celebrating the happily ever after, only Scarlet realizes the dark side effect of the magic her sister Willow wove the day she created the seal. Only Scarlet has the power to stop it from breaking the world completely.

Scarlet and her pixie dragon, Rem, set out to right her sister’s wrongs. And if she finds her sister along the way, Willow definitely had some explaining to do.

Death Charms

She added a charm to her bracelet for every life she took. The Eiffel Tower, a Christmas tree, a Celtic knot… the memories of death danced pirouettes in her wake.

Valentina was a skilled assassin. She made sure she was one of the best. Being a mirror mage, she blended into any setting, and she definitely knew how to kill. Too bad the Organization started to notice a pattern with her kills. Patrons close to the inner circle were disappearing and there was only one common element, Valentina had been in town for a contract.

If they knew the truth, knew her past, she never would have made it this far. Is she getting close to the end, though? Will the Organization figure out her goal? Or will she blend into the night, a true shadow of death?

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