Lily Smoke

Lily Smoke is bringing you sugar, spice and superheroes with her Hearts and Heroes series.

Electric Dreams

For Johanna, Grand View City no longer lived up to its name. Nestled against the mountains, with the boardwalk just steps from her studio door, the city felt more suffocating than the sprawling metropolis should. Johanna was once at the top of local fashion with her designs, but she’s had no new shows in the last two years, and no creative drive. But before she walks out on the fashion design industry and her dreams, she decides to give them one last try.

As Johanna struggles to figure out how her main rival, Vagran, seems to steal her ideas from her very head, she finds herself back at Electric Dreams, the club she used to frequent when she first came to the city. While the club doesn’t have much time left, she revels in the way it still ignites her passions, especially the owner. When Jacob meets Johanna, sparks fly, literally. And his touch sets her skin tingling in a way she’s never felt before. Of course, little does she know that his touch is very much electric in a very real way.

As Jacob tries to figure out a way to keep his club from going under and Johanna works to regain her spot atop the fashion mountain, both will find that they’re better together than apart. First, they just need to survive each other’s secrets and pasts, that’s all.

Stolen Moments

Sarah lives a double life, bank manager by day, rockin’ singer by night, but this is no secret. Sarah’s true secret identity is that she’s a SCEP, self-contained enhanced person, with the power to stop time.

When her bank is robbed, Sarah finds out her power isn’t as self-contained as the world would believe. Enter Jonah, obsessed fan, who just happens to be in the bank when Sarah uses her power, and the only one who isn’t affected. And Victor, investigator who figures out all the pieces aren’t adding up as neatly as they should, with Sarah at the center of it all.

One is after her powers and one is after her heart. Which does Sarah follow? Which does she need to protect more?

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